Free Certification Course Title: What to Expect When Interviewing at Technology Companies

Be as prepared as you can be for your next interview at a Technology Company

What to Expect When Interviewing at Technology Companies


  • Have a non-technical role related interview lined up at a large technology company
  • Candidates who have applied to or are actively applying for roles at tech companies

What you’ll learn

  • The Experience of Interviewing at Large Technology Companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft
  • Why It’s Important to Perfect Your Technique
  • How Many Rounds you’re Likely To Go Through
  • Whom The Interviewers Are
  • The Types Of Interviews (Behavioural / Competency / Case Studies)
  • The Interview Stages (Phone Screen / On-Sites / Salary Negotiations)
  • Example Interview Questions and Answer

Who this course is for:

  • Students who want to understand more about interviewing for large technology companies (including Facebook, Amazon, Google)
  • Students who want to understand the process of how large tech companies interview candidates
  • Students keen to show their best side during interviews
  • Students who struggle with interviewing and want to become better
  • Students who want the best way to answer interview questions

This course includes:

  • Certificate of completion

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