Webyog Written Test Questions pattern and Sample Placement Paper : Webyog placement papers 2019, 2020 and 2021 for freshers, aptitude questions also available.

Webyog Written Test:

Process of webyog Hiring

  • First round written test ( Main Filtration round )-2 basic question , 2 questions each from C++ , Java , Javascript and Dot Net .

Webyog Paper Pattern and Previously Asked Questions : Here is list of Webyog Written Test Questions pattern and Sample Placement Paper

1. Write the Technical  Notes on the following : ( 2 questions will be asked )

  • What is your favorite algorithm and Why ?
  • Which is your favorite programming language code trick in C++/Java?
  • Which concept you like least in C++ Programming and Why  ?

2. Answer any 4 out of 8 questions ( Not compulsory to answer from each programming language)

C/C++ (Only 2 questions will be asked)

  • Write a function which reverses a sentence and function format is of type without using any lib functions
    void reverse(char *sentence)
  • Read the array as command line arguments of type integer and size of 10 , and write a program to delete middle element from those array elements

Java (Only 2 questions will be asked)

  • Write a program which reads a sentence (if reading of sentence is from console , it contains more points) and then reversing of that sentence.
  • Adding two numbers entered through command line

Javascript (Only 2 questions will be asked)

  • Delete the duplicate words
    he is as good as his friend
  • Eliminate the digits from the following sentence
    Th3E S6Un R45i5se5s in the E23as4t
  • Write a regular expression to check validity of an IPv4 address

Dot Net (Only 2 questions will be asked)

  • Write a Program that reads 2 strings and concatenate them without using any built-in functions.
  • Write a program that searches a given element in a matrix with order N x M.

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