Free Certification Course Title: Web Designing Professionally: Real World Project

Be a Professional Web Designer by understanding different Stages of Crafting a modern and professional websites.

Web Designing Professionally: Real World Project

Main Points of this Job

What you’ll learn:

  • How to craft Web Design Ideas?
  • Web Designing Professionally
  • Different Web Design Stages
  • Structuring and Styling Web Pages
  • Implementing Design Principles and Colors for Modern Website Design
  • Making Websites Mobile Ready (Responsive) using Media Queries


  • Basic Knowledge on HTML and CSS will be a Plus point.
  • Enthusiasm to Learn Web Design

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested to learn Web Design from Start to End

In this course you will learn to create beautiful Responsive website using HTML and CSS only.

And we will use media queries to make it responsive (mobile ready).

Once you’re comfortable on web designing using HTML and CSS only, using frameworks like Bootstrap will be so easy. It’ll be like a piece of a cake.

Not only the technical part (HTML and CSS), I’m also explaining my web design process in detail.

And follow them to complete this project.

  • Certificate of completion

How to Subscribe for Web Designing Professionally: Real World Project

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