Free Certification Course Title: Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Exam Prep 2021

Pass the Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam on your first try with video lessons, Study Notes, Tips, FAQ & Practice exams

Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Exam Prep 2020


  • No prior knowledge is needed!
  • Willingness to learn and pass the exam with an amazing score!

What you’ll learn:

  • Pass the Desktop Specialist Exam on your first attempt!
  • Tips and Tricks to save time on the exam, and answer questions quickly!
  • Practice exams with real exam like questions to help you be fully prepared for the exam by identifying your weak points!
  • Quizzes to test your knowledge after every section!
  • Fundamentals – Dimensions vs Measures & Discrete vs Continuous
  • Live vs Extracts in Tableau
  • Renaming a Data Field, Creating Aliases
  • Creating Joins, Unions, Blends
  • Creating charts – Bar Charts, Stacked Bar Charts, Line Charts, Dual Axis Chart, Combined Axis Chart, Heat Maps, Highlight Tables, Cross Tabs, Maps, and Scatter Plots!
  • Creating groups – Data Pane, Visually, and using Labels!
  • Dates – Date parts vs Date values
  • Different file types – .tds, .tdsx, .twb , .twbx , .tde , .hyper
  • Change the data type and default properties for fields
  • Use Sorting, manual sorts, and organise dimensions into a hierarchy!
  • Using Filters – Discrete, Continuous, and Dates!
  • Use Colors, Bolding, Fonts, and Shapes
  • Create a dashboard, modify its layout, and share it
  • Create a story using dashboards or views

Who this course is for:

  • ANYONE (Students, Professionals, Executives) looking to learn Tableau and pass the Desktop Specialist Exam!
  • People looking to give their career a push, or just learn a new skill!

The course will cover the following areas as on the exam blueprint:

  • Understanding Tableau Concepts
  • Connecting to & Preparing Data
  • Exploring & Analyzing Data
  • Sharing Insights

This course includes:

  • Certificate of completion

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