5- What are the advantages of Servlets over CGI programs?
Java Servlets have a number of advantages over CGI and other API’s. Some are:

1. Platform Independence – Java Servlets are 100% pure Java, so it is platform independent. It can run on any Servlet enabled web server. For example if you develop an web application in windows machine running Java web server. You can easily run the same on apache web server without modification code. Platform independency of servlets provide a great advantages over alternatives of servlets.

2. Performance – Anyone who has used CGI would agree that Servlets are much more powerful and quicker than CGI. Because the underlying technology is Java, it is fast and can handle multiple request simultaneously. Also, a servlet gets initialized only once in its lifetime and then continues to serve requests without having to be re-initialized again, hence the performance is much higher than CGIs.

3. Extensibility – Java Servlets are developed in java which is robust, well-designed and object oriented language which can be extended or polymorphed into new objects. So the java servlets takes all these advantages and can be extended from existing class the provide the ideal solutions.

Also, in terms of Safety & Security Servlets are superior when compared to CGI.

6- What are the type of protocols supported by HttpServlet?
It extends the GenericServlet base class and provides an framework for handling the HTTP protocol. So, HttpServlet only supports HTTP and HTTPS protocol.


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