Free Certification Course Title: Microsoft SQL Server 2019: For Beginners

Everything you need to know about Microsoft SQL in one place

Microsoft SQL Server 2019: For Beginners

What you’ll learn:

  • Setup your own SQL server

  • Creating databases and tables

  • Learn basic SQL statements

  • Complete basic SELECT statements

  • Using UNION to Combine SQL Queries

  • Sorting data by using ORDER BY

  • Group data together using GROUP BY clause

  • Learn about PRIMARY & FOREIGN Keys


  • Learn the basic folder structure

  • Learn about NULL & NOT NULL


  • No prior knowledge of SQL needed

  • Need a Internet Connection

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who has an interest in learning about SQL databases

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Setup your own SQL Server
  • Create databases and tables
  • Add data to your tables
  • Learn about the basic folder structure
  • Sort and Group data using SQL
  • Learn about NULL & NOT NULL
  • Learn how to use Primary & Foreign keys
  • Backup & Restore your database
  • Use SQL statements to query data from a single table
  • Use JOINs to query data from multiple tables
  • Certificate of completion

How to Subscribe for Microsoft SQL Server 2019: For Beginners?

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  2. Subscribe Here(Microsoft SQL Server 2019: For Beginners): Click Here

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