How to Easily Crack TCS off Campus 2018


How to Crack TCS off Campus 2017 batch

Here we reveal some awesome tips If you will follow these tips so you can easily crack.

Online Exam:

 This is the main part of this drive If you clear online exam, You will clear 60% of hole interview.

There will be four sections :

  1.   Aptitude              –          18 Questions + 2 Star Mark Question
  2.   Email writing      –         (10 min)
  3.  Technical Ques:    –        8 +2 Star Mark Questions
  4.   1 Programming  Questions


  •  Aptitude section having 18 questions and it is very easy.All question containing 1 marks each. and also some negative marks. There will be 2 Star mark question ( Harder than 18 previous questions).

Tips: This is off campus So there will be so many students. To clear the written test, In 18 questions you have to attempt 10-12 ques right. and Friends try to attempt at least 1-star mark ques because it will increase your 30% chance to clear the written test. Take your time, it is very easy believes me. In 30 aptitude ques, you will find 6-8 previous year questions (Depend upon the set you got). Just attempt all the previous year questions once.

Source for aptitude:

  • CampusGate
  •  m4maths    (Recommended)


  • Email writing is most important section. Most of the students don’t able to clear their written because of some minor mistakes. It requires the serious practice of 2-3 days.

Tips: Email writing has some rules and regulation.You have to learn the syntax which is used in every email. To and From names should be clear. Important: No spelling mistakes, use of words the way it is given. Don’t make complicated sentence.try to make as simple as possible.Becuase it will be checked by computer, the computer has the power to check the wrong words, not the meaning of the sentence. Don’t leave a single word given in Email-writing. Use it either you don’t know the meaning.Don’t use Backspace, use Delete.

Source for Email


  • Technical questions :

For technical questions, You can prepare basic java, C questions.



  •  Programming Question: It is a simple coding question. Just practice questions related to string, palindrome, lower case to upper case etc.
  • Refer placement paper on Indiabix.


If you will follow this tips and practice with sufficient questions. You can definitely in for second round to TCS off campus 2017.


So Good Luck guys …..

Hope It helps.

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