How to Crack Mindtree off Campus 2018


How to Crack Mindtree off Campus 2018

This drive held via Elitmus.

There are three rounds of interview.

First Round :

Algorithm + online coding Test

There were 2 sections in 30 minutes is for write Algorithm.
And the same question comes in coding round also-
Question is-

  1.  Remove all vowel from a paragraph.
  2.  You have 3 dice, u have to take input from the user what’d sum he want. Then u have to show all d possible outcome of that sum.
    Min sum on dice is (1,1,1) so it’s not possible
    Input 3
    Output 1
    Only one case for 3 (1,1,1)
    Input 5
    Output 6
    Explanation (1,2,2) (221) (212) (311) (133) (131)

 Tips : 

If you have basic knowledge of coding you can clear easily and don’t get nervous. Most of the condidates done only 1 question and 30-40% of the second question they also got call for the interview.

This is the first-day process.

After then this round which cleared first round candidates got mail for next round.

There were 2 rounds TR + HR

Technical Round :

Some technical questions which generally asked in tech round.

1. Who has given a rating in your Technical Skills?
2. Tell me about yourself- perfectly
3. What is Index
4. What is join and explain inner join
5. Difference between union and union all
6. What is the cluster.
7. Write a query which gives the nth max salary dynamically as if user take input 5 so it tells the 5th max salary on table.
8. How to call function in JavaScript
9. How to open link in new tab
10. How to apply the external CSS file stylesheet in your HTML file
11. What is class
12. What is polymorphism
13. What is call by value and call by address
14. Can we pass array in user define function
15. Can we run program without header file
16. Define every component of header file #,include,stdio,.h
17. Can we create user define header file if yes then how?
18. WAP to remove space in string
19. What is data structure?
20. how can we achieve recursion in data structure?

After clearing tech round ,they  will call for  HR round.

HR Round is very friendly and they discuss about salary and training date.

Note: –   This all questions are not exactly repeated in each and every interview It may vary. So you can give your best.

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