Free Certification Course Title: Google Analytics Beginner to Pro User | Hands-On Exercises

Entire Course Recorded in Late 2020 | Learn Google Analytics and Master the Customer Funnel

Google Analytics Beginner to Pro User | Hands-On Exercises


  • There are no pre-requisites or requirements for this course

What you’ll learn:

  • Starting from scratch, attain proficiency in Google Analytics for growth marketing
  • Learn the essential tool to become an analyst, product manager or online marketer
  • Online Customer Funnel and Google Analytics data model explained visually in detail
  • 10 hands-on practice exercises with demo account structured like mini business use cases
  • Professional tips from industry veteran who has used and taught Google Analytics for 9 years
  • Quickly setup Google Analytics for your own website (simple cases)
  • Access demo account for immediate hands-on learning
  • Analyze and track online audience, behavior, acquisitions and conversions
  • Walkthroughs and explanations of the most commonly used reports in the industry
  • Create custom reports from scratch to export to Excel or share with others
  • Primer for most important advanced reports including flows and cohort analysis
  • Analyze smarter with Dimensions, Metrics and Segments
  • Setup and work with goal tracking in Google Analytics
  • Basic setup and administration for sole proprietor running an online business
  • Review of the 35 most important terms and concepts in Google Analytics

Who this course is for:

  • A marketing professional who needs to be proficient with Google Analytics
  • A data analyst who needs to learn online marketing and Google Analytics
  • Anyone who has to understand their users to grow an online business
  • Job interviewers who need a refresher

This course includes:

  • Certificate of completion

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