Goldman Sachs is undoubtedly a dream company for every Engineering student (aspirant). In this
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Very Important:

The deadline for the applications (registration) to fill for this year is February 8, 2021. So,
hurry up, if you haven’t applied yet!!

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About the Company: The Goldman Sachs

  • The Goldman Sachs Company is an American multinational investment bank and financial
    services company. 
  • It is headquartered in New York City, United States.
  • The CEO of the company is David M. Solomon since Oct 2018.
  • The company Goldman Sachs was founded in 1869.
  • Founders of the company are Marcus Goldman and Samuel Sachs.
  • It offers services in investment management, asset management, securities, prime brokerage,
    and securities underwriting.
  • The Company is also offering multiple programs for graduates, post-graduates and
    professionals from various sectors.
  • A number of employees of the company are 40,900 (2020).
  • The company has revenue of 3,654.6 crores USD (2019).

Goldman Sachs Recruitment Process for 2021 (Goldman Sachs Hiring Process)

According to the last Goldman Sachs Recruitment Process in Engineering Campus,
the candidates are hired on the following two bases:

  1. Assessments (Tests).
  1. Interviews.

Explanation of 1. Assessments (Tests)

The assessment/ test is divided into the following four sections:

  Section    Number of questions    Time allotted  
  The coding section    2 programming questions    30 minutes  
  The Multiple Choice section    10     30 minutes  
  The advanced section    1    45 minutes  
  The subjective section    2     15 minutes  
  • Total time allotted: 120 minutes (2 hours).
  • All the above sections are mandatory (1 submission per individual).
  • One or Two Online Assessments (tests) can be taken ( as per the last recruitment process).
  • Online Aptitude Test was conducted on HackerRank platform last time. So, the sections on
    which the questions were asked in the Online Aptitude test was as follows:    
    1. Numerical Reasoning.
    1. Comprehension.
    1. Numerical Computation.
    1. Abstract Reasoning.
    1. Diagrammatic Reasoning.
    1. Logical Reasoning.
    1. Subjective (Writing Ability).
  • Marking scheme for MCQ was +5 for every correct answer and -2 for every incorrect answer (as
    per last recruitment process).

Explanation of 2. Interviews

  • If the candidate clears (qualify) the first round of assessment (tests), then he/she will
    have proceeded towards this Interviews round.
  • Mostly the questions from technical and HR interviews are expected to ask. For example
    topics like JAVA, Linux, C, C++, Algorithms, the Programming language of your choice, Cloud
    Computing, Operating System, etc. need to be well prepared.
  • Also for HR Interview, you will be required to have the following qualities:   
    • Body Language,
    • Presence of mind,
    • Great Preparation,
    • Tremendous Confidence,
    • Good Communication Skills,
    • Positive Attitude, etc.

They will give you more information about Interviews as you qualify for the first round of
assessment (tests). Most probably, you will be informed about the result of your first round via
your e- mail. 

Applicants who will qualify and get success in this recruitment process will be offered a role in
the Engineering function at Goldman Sachs in Bengaluru. 

Goldman Sachs Recruitment Process for 2021: Eligibility Criteria (Educational Qualifications)

  • Anyone doing engineering in India and who is across pre-final & final year of graduation
    and post-graduation can give this exam. It is mostly suited to those candidates who have
    working experience of fewer than 12 months.
  • 2021 Analyst: Graduation in 2021 (Full-time hire – May/June intake).
  • 2021 Summer Internship: Graduation in 2022 (Intern hire – April/July intake).
  • Candidates should have high programming skills and analytical aptitude.

Goldman Sachs Recruitment Process for 2021: Programme Type (Roles) and packages

  • Internship and Full-time.
  • Package of Rs 22 Lakhs per annum ( For freshers).

Goldman Sachs Recruitment Process for 2021: City

Goldman Sachs Recruitment Process for 2021: Program Timelines

  • Assessments: Mid-February to Mid-March 2021.
  • Interviews: March – April 2021.

Goldman Sachs Recruitment Process for 2021: Documents to be Carried

  • Candidate must have a copy of the latest resume with them.
  • Candidates must carry an Aadhar Card (original and photocopy) and three passport size
  • Candidates must also have all the essential educational certificates (for example mark
    sheets) along with their xerox copies.
  • Candidates are also advised to carry Certified ID Proves like the PAN card, Election card
    (Voter ID proof) and Passport.

In this way, we provided you with the recruitment process of Goldman Sachs for 2021
(hiring process of Goldman Sachs for 2021)
. Hope you all find it helpful. Do check
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