Flipkart Placement Paper and solution pdf download: Flipkart is one of the most youth aspired companies. Flipkart conducts placement drives for freshers. To get into a giant company like Flipkart, you need to practice a lot of questions of a specified level.

Flipkart Placement Paper and solution pdf download 2021

About Flipkart

Flipkart is an electronic commerce company which provides online shopping service. It was founded in October 2007. Its headquarter is in Bengaluru, India. It has 30,000 plus employees and has a turnover of more than 15,129 crore INR.

Flipkart also has its own range of electronics and other products in Digiflip, Flipkart’s own electronic brand. It has opened its own subsidiaries also like Myntra, Jabong.com, PhonePe, eBay.in (India), EKart, Jeeves.co.in.

Walmart recently acquired more than 50% stacks in Flipkart.

Official website: www.flipkart.com/

Flipkart Selection Process 2021

Written exam- It is basically a coding round where most of the questions will be from C and C++. Furthermore,it also includes quantitative and reasoning ability test.

Group Discussion- This is the second round whereby the selected candidates will be divided into groups. To these groups, a random topic will be given to discuss and talk about in a limited duration of time.

Technical interview- Next round is of technical interview. This is a rigorous round. In this interview, mostly scenario and practical problems based questions asked.

HR interview- Once you clear all the above rounds, the final round is of HR interview. Here the HR will ask about salary package and location preferences.

Flipkart Sample Question Papers

Find below few sample questions for written exam.

1. Which of the following is the correct way of declaring a float pointer:
A.float ptr;
B.float *ptr;
C.*float ptr;
D.None of the above
Answer: B

2. The space factor when determining the efficiency of algorithm is measured by
A.Counting the maximum memory needed by the algorithm
B.Counting the minimum memory needed by the algorithm
C.Counting the average memory needed by the algorithm
D.Counting the maximum disk space needed by the algorithm
Answer: A

3. The Average case occur in linear search algorithm:-
A.When Item is somewhere in the middle of the array
B.When Item is not in the array at all
C.When Item is the last element in the array
D.When Item is the last element in the array or is not there at all
Answer: A

4. The complexity of Bubble sort algorithm is
B.O(log n)
D.O(n log n)
Answer: C

5. The elements of an array are stored successively in memory cells because
A.by this way computer can keep track only the address of the first element and the addresses of other elements can be calculated
B.the architecture of computer memory does not allow arrays to store other than serially
C.both of above
D.none of above
Answer: A

6. Gavaskar’s average in his first 50 innings was 50. After the 51st innings, his average was 51. How many runs did he score in his 51st innings.
(supposing that he lost his wicket in his 51st innings)?
D.none of these
Answer: C

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