Free Certification Course Title: Developing a Quick Basic CV using Online Tools & Templates

Learn to develop an Advance Looking Basic CV for Quick Applying for Jobs

Developing a Quick Basic CV using Online Tools & Templates


  • Dedication and Passion for Self-Improvement
  • Basic understating of English language

What you’ll learn:

  • Understanding minor Emotions in regard to Employment needs in today’s world
  • learning the basic points to keep in mind when it comes towards the development of a Professional CV/Resume & Cover Letter
  • Understanding the interview Scenarios & Settings
  • Understanding the basics of self-discovery and how to maintain a positive outlook in general
  • Understanding the use of Templates & Online tools for Quick CV development

Who this course is for:

  • People looking to improve their chances of getting their dream internships or jobs
  • People willing to improve their technical and soft skills just for Self-Improvement


In today’s world it often gets frustrating and time consuming to develop a good looking professional CV with ease. In most of the cases the software that needs to be used in order to develop good looking CV’s are professional and not easily understandable by many of us.

This Beginner Level course is designed to help you get few basic guidelines and get few templates of Word Document to start editing your CV fast. This course also includes some basic guidelines to use online tools that are very easily available for Free and could help you in easy and quick development of a basic CV.

Making a quick and basic CV will not Guarantee in better results for successful Job Landing but can assist you in development of a Basic Good Looking CV as compared to a non-professionally designed CV. If you wish to get a Quick Overview of developing of a Basic CV you can join this course and if you are Willing to Master in Depth the Art of CV Building with detail on what to add and how to add then join our other Advance Level Course named “Master the Art of CV Building, Cover Letter & Job Interview”.

A lot of different learning opportunities available but what makes this “Basic Course” different is its relatable Basic Content and Guidelines.

This course includes:

  • Certificate of completion

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