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Placement Papers and Solution – hi Fresher/experienced aspirants, Cyient is an Indian company which was started in Hyderabad and is now a MNC companies. You can download here all mnc placement paper. It focuses on building engineering softwares, networking and operations. It is one of the top 30 outsourcing companies in the world. It has its head quarters in Hyderabad and Telangana, India.

It has 12,000+ employees serving the company across  38 global locations. It was formally known as Infotech Enterprises. The company hires many employees every year majorly from the field.  All the job seekers who want to get a career in an MNC and a secure job  can apply for Cyient. Here, we provide Placement papers and Solutions PDF download files which would help you to prepare better for the job. We have placement papers and solutions which include all the aptitude questions, reasoning questions and other technical questions asked in Interviews.

Cyient Selection Procedure 2021

It hires freshers which are graduate and have no back logs. The placement process is as follows:

  • Written test- This test can be an online test which includes general aptitude questions and technical questions . These questions can be from quant, reasoning, English verbal, technical. In technical questions they mainly ask questions related to networking and quality assurance.
  • Interview- This interview includes both technical and HR interview. They may as you questions regarding networking, quality assurance, basic programming questions and a few HR questions. They may also ask questions related to your project and internship.


  1. When to start QA in a project?

A good time to start the QA is from the beginning of the project startup. This will lead to plan the process which will make sure that product coming out meets the customer quality expectation. QA also plays a major role in the communication between teams. It gives time to step up the testing environment. The testing phase starts after the test plans are written, reviewed and approved.

  1. What is difference between QA, QC and Software Testing?

Quality Assurance (QA): QA refers to the planned and systematic way of monitoring the quality of process which is followed to produce a quality product. QA tracks the outcomes and adjusts the process to meet the expectation.

Quality Control (QC): Concern with the quality of the product. QC finds the defects and suggests improvements. The process set by QA is implemented by QC. The QC is the responsibility of the tester.

Software Testing: is the process of ensuring that product which is developed by the developer meets the user requirement. The motive to perform testing is to find the bugs and make sure that they get fixed.

  1. What are verification and validation and difference between these two?

Verification: process of evaluating steps which is followed up to development phase to determine whether they meet the specified requirements for that stage.

Validation: process of evaluating product during or at the end of the development process to determine whether product meets specified requirements.

4.What are abstract class?
An abstract class is a class which does not fully represent an object. Instead, it represents a broad range of different classes of objects. However, this representation extends only to the features that those classes of objects have in common. Thus, an abstract class provides only a partial description of its objects

5. Define Deadlock?
In an operating system, a deadlock is a situation which occurs when a process enters a waiting state because a resource requested by it is being held by another waiting process, which in turn is waiting for another resource. If a process is unable to change its state indefinitely because the resources requested by it are being used by other waiting process, then the system is said to be in a deadlock.

6. What is linked list?
Linked list is one of the fundamental data structures, and can be used to implement other data structures. In a linked list there are different numbers of nodes. Each node is consists of two fields. The first field holds the value or data and the second field holds the reference to the next node or null if the linked list is empty.

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We hope that these placement papers will help you in clearing the pre-interview exam. We are helping job seekers who are doing hard work to getting their first job. Our top priority to focus on providing the best PDF, Notes to you. does not own these materials, neither created nor scanned .we provide links that are already available on the internet.


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