Cognizant Interview Pattern 2018( Latest – March 2018)

Cognizant Interview Pattern 2018( Latest – March 2018)

Cognizant Technology Solutions, Pune
Profile: Programming Analyst Trainee
Online Aptitude Test: 28th February

Hey Guys, I just wanted to share my Experience for CTS for the Programming Analyst Trainee Profile, The First Round was basically follows the AMCAT Test Pattern. The level of difficulty for Aptitude Round was Easy to Moderate. After the completion of Aptitude Round, Automata ( Programming Round ) was started in which there was 2 Programs.
You can write the code in C,C++ or Java.

  1. Write a Program to Print the Prime Number upto 11.
  2. Program based on Frequency Sorting Methods.

After that I got the Admit Card through mail for TR and HR Interview on 10th March, Pune.

Before the Interview Round, They was verification of the All the Documents which was mentioned in the Admit Card. One Set of Xerox along with Originals you should bring for the Interview Rounds.

They were assigning Token Numbers to Each and Everyone, They will call based on Token Numbers you get.

TR Questions :
  1. Questions on Resume.
  2. B.E Major Project. And Mini Project.
  3. What is your Favorite Subject.
  4. What is Binary Search Tree, How to Calculate Height of Tree.
  5. Puzzle : Why is the Man hole Round ?
  6. If I want to add the Contacts in your Android Smartphone, Which Algorithm should I Follow.
  7. Who is the President, Vice-president, Governor of India, Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Chief Minister of West Bengal ( Since I’m Bengali )
  8. Write an Algorithm for Selection Sort.
  9. Why the Mobile Phones are Called as Cell Phones.
  10. From the String having 10 Characters, How can you Delete the Redundant Characters.
  11. Extra Achievements or Curricular Activities.
  12. What is Micro Processor

I got Qualified for Technical Round and Told me to wait.

Technical Interview Duration : 15 Minutes

HR Questions :
  1. Tell me about Yourself.
  2. Short Term and Long Term Goals.
  3. Ready to Relocate in any Location
  4. Any Questions ?

HR Duration : 5 Minutes

At the End, Ma’am Took all the Original Documents and Verified that it’s satisfying the Criteria or Not.
In the HR Round, They asked to signed the Document, stating that I can work in any Location, Any Shifts and Any Technology, Domain.

I got the Shortlist Mail from Cognizant on 12th March, Pune.

They will be releasing the offer letters within Two Weeks, after Documents Verification and Background Check.

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