Hi dear, download here Cisco Placement Papers 2021 and practice for cisco off campus and on campus drive. You can download previous year placement paper with solution in pdf.

Cisco Placement Papers 2021 With Solutions PDF download

The company hires a large amount of B.Tech students. So all the students  who want to be hired at Cisco must know the Placement Process and must practice the previous years placement paper. Here we are uploading Cisco Placement papers and solutions PDF Download.

Cisco Systems is a multinational American company that designs, manufactures and sells networking component. It has its head quarters in California and San jose. The company is one of the well known companies in the world which controls the Internet traffic travelling. It also manages and supports various business programs.


It has 3 rounds in its selection process

  • Written test that includes basic and moderate questions from profit loss, percentage and other mathematical topics, English verbal and a few technical questions. There are 20 questions n written test which may vary.
  • The Technical Interview contains the questions mainly from Jave and coding (C)
  • HR Interview- It is the final round where basic HR questions are asked.



  1. Which is not the characteristics of a view ?
  • Consumes Disk space for data
  • Multiple tables
  • Multiple rows
  • Updateable
  1. RDBMS triggers are typically bound to a _____________and one or more _____________
  • Table,SQL statement types
  • SQL statement type,user
  • Column,rows
  • User, tables
  1. What relationship is resolved by an “intersecting” or “associative” entity ?
  • Recursive
  • Mandatory one to one
  • Many to Many
  • One to One
  1. Select a,b,c,d from vtable where b>2 and c<4 Assuming you will execute the above query often ,changing only the values in the where clause ,what could you do to improve efficiency ?
  • Create a database stored procedure with parameters to execute this statement
  • Create an index on columns a&b
  • Create a temporary table that contains the data and use triggers to maintain it
  • Create a trigger that executes this statement and execute the trigger
  1. Make a copy of file “upper” in the directory two levels up .
  • jump –2 upper
  • cp upper ../..
  • cp upper –2/
  • None of the above
  1. Change the current directory to /usr/local/bin
  • mv /usr/local/bin
  • cd /usr/local/bin
  • setdir /usr/local/bin
  • my/usr/local/bin
  1. How do you change the access permission (add group read/write) to all the files in the current directory containing the word “ cali ” in their names ?
  • chmod g+rw * cali *
  • setperm r+w * cali *
  • chmod 0660 * cali *
  • Both A and C


  1. A sequence is given : 1 2 5 10 13 26 29 48. You should find out error & write correct.
    ans: Error is 48, there you should write 58.2. 2,3 6,7 14,15 29,46. Error is 46. In every pair you add 1 to get second number. Ans:29+1=303. A girl is 13’th highest, 13th lowest. How many members.
    Ans:254. Rearrange MERGANY
    Ans:GERMANY (country)5.Rearrange BBIRAT
    Ans:RABBIT6. (passage) There are 6 persons k,l,m,n,o,p to give seminar cond: 3 persons should give before lunch and 3 after lunch
    l should immediately precede the seminar of m there should be no gap between l and m.
    1. L position is 2
    2. m pos is 5
    3. k pos is 47. (passage)
    A is daughter of Y, Z is father of Y. Q is son of Z,
    1.if T is son of Y, then
    ans: T and A brother/sister
    2. if m is brother of T, then
    ans :Z is grandfather of M and M & A are brother/sister
    3. if Q is son of Z them
    ans: Q & Y are brothers
    Q. if speed of ongoing train is 24 and while return is 48
    avg = —-
    ans:328. 0.23 + 0.02323 + 0.002323…. == ???9. 0.4 + 0.44 + 0.444 ….. = ???10. 1,2,2,4,8,?
    ans:3211. 55*55*55+45*45*45/55*55-55*45+45*45
    ans:10012. 461 + 462 + 463 + 464. this sum is divisible by which of the following ?
      C Language 1. #define min((a),(b)) ((a)<(b))?(a):(b)
    int i=0,a[20],*ptr;
    while(min(ptr++,&a[9])<&a[8]) i=i+1;
    “,i);} Ans:5. 2. main()
    {char a[10]={1,2,3,4,5,6};int x;
    for(x=0;x<4;x++){ b[x]=x+’a’;}
    printf(“%s”,b);} Ans:abcd56 3. Linked Lists are preffered than arrays to get advantage while
    a)Insertion b)Deletion c)Accessing Element d)None 4. ~(~0<<8)? Ans:Last 8 digits are 1’s rest are 0’s. 5. int a,b=3,c=2;
    a=b++*c;c=++b*a;Some thing like this.
    print a,b,c? C++ Language 1. Virtual Functions in C++(Refer to 13’th chapter first two examples of LAFORE Book) 2. Which of the following is not true regarding FRIEND function
    Ans:If y is friend of x and z is friend of y then z can access private of x. 3. Given some program on “&” operator overloading. 4. class X{
    public:X(){ cout<<“This is Base”;}
    class Y:public X
    { public:Y(){cout<<“This is Derived”;}};
    what is printed when an object of Y is created? 5. One question on reference variable in C++.
    Ans:&a. Technical 1. Number of nodes in Binary tree with height 3
    Ans:7(Refer to Formula 2n-1) 2. TCP/IP is used in?
    Ans:LAN/WAN 3. Host IP Address is?
    Ans:32 bits OR 4 bytes.

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