Free Certification Course Title: Automotive Engineering-Aftertreatment Technologies(EURO VI)

Various types of Technologies, emission control methodologies & technologies

Automotive Engineering-Aftertreatment Technologies(EURO VI)


  • Basic mechanical Engineering & IC engines background

Construction & working of the various Aftertreatment technologies in Automotive/Automobile Engines

Latest emission norms world wide for Automotive/Automobile Engines

Various types of substrates for the Three way catalytic convertor

Working of diesel oxidation catalyst and various chemical reactions

Selective catalystic convertor

Lean NOx trap

Diesel particulate filter /Diesel particulate Trap and different configurations

Lambda Sensor working

Gasoline particulate Filter in Gasoline Direct Injection

Author Introduction

What you’ll learn:

  • Exhaust/Emission Aftertreatment; Basic to Advanced
  • Different types of Aftertreatment technologies

Who this course is for:

  • Mechanical & Automobile Engineering students
  • Certificate of completion

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