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Hello Dear Candidates, We are pleased to present here AMDOCS Placement paper for 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2021 passing out batch. It is of utmost importance that before going for written test, you must practice the previous year question paper and sample paper.

AMDOCS Placement Papers 2021

Amdoc question paper – You may find it little difficult to get your first job. But once you are an experienced player, you will be switching jobs like electric button without any hesitation. It is pretty obvious for fresher students to get stuck over jobs finding.

Amdocs is a multi national company whose head quarters are located in Chesterfield, Missouri. Its support and development centers are located worldwide. Amdocs provide customer services and customer software solutions .

Amdocs is an IT company which hires thousands of fresher students every year as their fresher recruitment drives.

amdocs is specialized in providing software and services for communication, media and financial services. It is a market leader in customer experience software solutions. Amdocs is serving over 90 countries and has 25,000+ employees. It has a customer base of over 300 customers.

AMDOCS Criteria & Selection Process 2021

AMDOCS Placement Papers – As you know, Every year Amdocs recruits various candidates as their employees. It has a certain eligibility criteria and selection process for recruiting candidates, Therefore, those who are planning to get selected in Amdocs should start preparing from now on.

Selection Process:

Amdocs conducts recruitment process every year to select new candidates. The selection process consists of 3 rounds. These rounds are as follows:

  • Written Exam
  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview

Academic Eligibility Criteria:

  • Candidate must be a (CSE/ECE /IT).
  • 60 percent in graduation is a must.

All the candidates who aspire to be a part of Amdocs, as an employee in India should start practicing today. The recruitment process of Amdocs may vary from time to time.

Amdocs general placement criteria:

Written Test by AMCAT

The First phase is written test which is most of the time taken by AMCAT. It includes,

  • Quantitative Aptittude
  • Reasoning Skills
  • English
  • Coding
  • Sql server
  • Dbms
  • C
  • UNIX
  • and Datastructures.

Quant includes 16 questions

Reasoning includes 14 questions

English includes 18 questions

Coding includes 02 questions

Sql, dbms, unix, C, Data structures include 30 questions.

Total time = 2hr 15 min

For written Exam aspirants need to practice the previous years’ AMCAT questions which are also provided on our website.

Interview Round

it includes 2 Interviews of 1 hour each. The questions asked in interview are related to OS, unix, Networking, C, Data structures.

HR Round

The last round is the HR round which includes general HR questions.

Amdocs Technical questions (AMDOCS Placement Papers)

Some of the technical questions are provided below :

(1)How will you enable sql 2005 physically store the computed values in the table and update the values when any other columns are updated?

(a)Use computed expression and provide the expression.

(b)Use PERSISTED option during the table creation.

(c )Create a clustered index on the computed column.

(d)Create a default constraint in the computed expression.

(2)Which one of the below query is useful to find out the duplicate employees having same first_name and salary in the employee table.

(a)Select count(first_name),first_name,salary from employee group by first_name,salary where count(first_name)>1

(b) Select count(first_name),first_name,salary from employee group by first_name,salary having count(first_name)=1

(c) Select count(first_name),first_name,salary from employee group by first_name,salary having count(first_name)>1

(d) Select first_name,salary from employee group by first_name,salary having count(first_name)>1

(3)Which of the given statements is related to the following created view?

CREATE VIEW Emp_dept_outerjoin1 AS SELET Empno,Ename,e.Deptno,Dname,Loc FROM Emp_tab e,Dept_tab d WHERE e.Deptno=d.Deptno(+);

View created successfully

(a)Views that involve outer joins are not modifiable.

(b)Columns in the base emp_tab table of emp_dept_outerjoin1 are modifiable through the view

(c)Columns in the dept_tab table of emp_dept_outerjoin1 are modifiable through the view

(d)columns in the base emp_tab table of emp_dept_outerjoin1 are not modifiable through the view

(4)What is the minimum permission required to execute the drop database command?

  • DB Admin
  • DB Owner
  • Control
  • User

(5)Suppose there are 2 tables,employee and jobs. Jobid is a FK in employees table referring the jobs table. What is the suitable option to find the rows in employee that violate foreign key constraints?

(a)SELECT employee.emp_id,employee.job_id FROM employee LEFT OUTER JOIN jobs ON employee.job_id<>jobs.job_id

(b) SELECT employee.emp_id,employee.job_id FROM employee LEFT OUTER JOIN jobs ON employee.job_id=jobs.job_id

(c ) SELECT employee.emp_id,employee.job_id FROM employee LEFT OUTER JOIN jobs ON employee.job_id=jobs.job_id WHERE (jobs.job_id IS NULL)

(d)SELECT employee.emp_id,employee.job_id FROM employee INNER JOIN jobs ON employee.job_id=jobs.job_id WHERE (jobs.job_id IS NULL)

(6)There are 3 servers and customers data is stored as a partitioned table. The servers are Server1,Server2 and Server3. One of the DBA had modified the collation setting fir the customers table on server2.

You are trying to create a partitioned view as defined below:



SELECT*FROM CompanyData.dbo.Customers-33 UNION ALL

SELECT*FROM Server2.CompanyData.dbo.Customers-66 UNION ALL

SELECT*FROM Server3CompanyData.dbo.Customers-99

The View is failing. What could be the reason?

(a)The partition view is on a partitioned table that is not allowed

(b)Views spanning different servers are not allowed.

(c )The collations are different.

(d) The column names need to be mentioned rather than using *

(7)You have tableA and TableC as 2 tables and col1 & col2 respectively in the tables. The values in the columns are: 1,Null, 4 in tableA(Col1) and Null, 4 in tableC(col2). What will be the result of the following query?

SELECT*FROM tableA t1 JOIN tableC t2 ON t1.a=t2.c ORDER BY t1.a

(a)Only one row will be returned for the matching value of 4.

(b)Two rows will be returned for matching value of 4 & null

(c ) All the rows will be returned from tablea

(d) It will return 3*2 number of rows

(8)You have a table Languages_Used. In of the column is Language_Notation.What is the suitable query to check the value in the Language_Notation and then accordingly return the values. (You want the value to be displayed from Desc_eng,if the value=E else display value from Desc column)

(a)select Decode (Language_Notation,’É’,Desc,desc_eng) from Language_Used

(b) select Decode (Language_Notation,’É’,Desc_eng,Desc) from Language_Used

(c ) select Decode (’É’,Desc_eng,Desc, Language_Notation,) from Language_Used

(d) select Decode (Language_Notation,’É’,Desc_eng) from Language_Used

(9)You are trying to create a User Defined function as follows:

 Create Function UpdateUserTbl As


If(select count(*) from UserTable)>0


Update UserTable set LastUpdateDate=getdate()



However it throws an error. What could be the issue?

(a)Only system tables can be updated from functions.

(b)UPDATE statements are allowed in the body of user_defined functions if the table modified is a table variable.

(c )the option update_function has to be set to true before the function is created.

(d)Conditional update is not allowed in the functions.

Download AMDOCS Placement Papers 2021 (pdf) Download

Further, the previous years’ questions for the preparation of Amdocs placements 2019 are also provided below, the candidates willing to join the company can download and practice for the same from the links provided below:

amdocs technical paper technical-java

amdocs previous placement-paper-1

All Companies placement papers

We hope that these placement papers will help you in clearing the pre-interview exam. We are helping job seekers who are doing hard work to getting their first job. Our top priority to focus on providing the best PDF, Notes to you. does not own these materials, neither created nor scanned .we provide links that are already available on the internet.


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